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I write to heal hearts and minds. I hope my words connect with you.

A lazy person’s guide to regularity.

As a writer, I begin every writing project with a plan. Sometimes I have a written structure and other times my plan is in my head. Yet, as soon as I begin typing, I find myself going in a different direction than I had planned. I cannot say if that is good or bad. But I have learned to be open to change because it is part of life and writing shouldn’t be any different.

For the record, it took me 9 days and 11 hours to finally come up with the title for this story. …

It’s not over yet

This is one of those moments when all I sense is gratitude.

Gratitude for the ability to breathe in and out. It may seem trivial, but it’s a big deal.

I recall a short while ago when I couldn’t breathe through my nose. I couldn’t taste, smell, and couldn’t hear so well — it lasted almost two years.

I had to be alert all the time.

I couldn’t cook and walk away from the kitchen. The alarm could go off, and I wouldn’t know.

I couldn’t doze off in public without causing a stare.

Sleeping at night was scary because I wasn’t sure I’d wake up the next…

A writer’s dilemma after rejection by a publication — join in on the conversation

A few days ago, I published Rejection Is One of the Best Things That Can Ever Happen to a Writer. The response I got, made me aware of a common perception about editors of publications on Medium.

Apart from that, I’ve seen complaints on social media as well. Complaints by writers about receiving a rejection notice without feedback from the editor.

There are writers who expect feedback from editors along with a rejection notice. That way, the writer would know how to make their work better.

Yet, other writers are more interested in knowing the fate of their submission. They…

3 mind hacks that can give you scalable results as a writer on Medium

I started writing on Medium in November of 2019. I was a novice.

Before then, all I had were journal entries, letters, a few poems, and a handbook I wrote for students. Nothing I considered significant.

For me coming on Medium was like joining a league of professionals. I was so excited. It was a whole new world. I had so much to learn and was eager to learn everything.

But less than a month into it, and a few posts down the line, frustration set in.

Before I got frustrated, I learned how to structure my writing to engage…

Here’s why

Hey Grace! Nice title, but this isn’t the best fit, thanks!

I received this a few days ago from a publication I submitted a post to. It was a very polite way of saying NO!

No can be harsh. It can be demoralizing when you are not prepared for it.

I waited for 72hrs, expecting an acceptance with a few adjustments here and there. Instead, all I got was this very polite rejection.

A lot of times when we claim to keep an open mind, deep down, we’re expecting positive feedback.

I don’t know about you, but the word rejection…

A celebration of all writers

I thought about using the word creator instead of writer in my headline. But for clarity, I decided to stick with writer.

A creator is someone that brings something into existence. Someone that converts intangible things into tangible and relatable things.

Thus, every writer is a creator.

Everyone has the potential to create but not everyone creates.

Everything that exists, was first intangible before it became tangible. The potential in everyone is intangible. But it takes time, discipline, and a whole lot of determination to make it become tangible.

The job of a writer like any other creator is seldom easy, yet it is rewarding.

Everyone thinks but not all…

Grace Ekoh

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