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I write to heal hearts and minds. I hope my words connect with you.

A lazy person’s guide to regularity.

As a writer, I begin every writing project with a plan. Sometimes I have a written structure and other times my plan is in my head. Yet, as soon as I begin typing, I find myself going in a different direction than I had planned. I cannot say if that…

This is one of those moments when all I sense is gratitude.

Gratitude for the ability to breathe in and out. It may seem trivial, but it’s a big deal.

I recall a short while ago when I couldn’t breathe through my nose. …

A writer’s dilemma after rejection by a publication — join in on the conversation

A few days ago, I published Rejection Is One of the Best Things That Can Ever Happen to a Writer. The response I got, made me aware of a common perception about editors of publications on Medium.

Apart from that, I’ve seen complaints on social media as well. Complaints by…

3 mind hacks that can give you scalable results as a writer on Medium

I started writing on Medium in November of 2019. I was a novice.

Before then, all I had were journal entries, letters, a few poems, and a handbook I wrote for students. Nothing I considered significant.

For me coming on Medium was like joining a league of professionals. I was…

Hey Grace! Nice title, but this isn’t the best fit, thanks!

I received this a few days ago from a publication I submitted a post to. It was a very polite way of saying NO!

No can be harsh. It can be demoralizing when you are not prepared for it.

I thought about using the word creator instead of writer in my headline. But for clarity, I decided to stick with writer.

A creator is someone that brings something into existence. Someone that converts intangible things into tangible and relatable things.

Thus, every writer is a creator.

Everyone has the potential to create but not everyone creates.

Everything that exists…

Grace Ekoh

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